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01 | Story

You know that feeling you get when you walk into a wood cabin in the forest?

Outside, the air is slightly moist and always cool. Shaded with the forest canopy and thick with life. Your body recognizes it as a tonic for your soul. You take your first deep breath in a long time and hold it.

The ground feels softer than you are used to. You look down and you are moving through a bed of yellow needles, moses and earth. You walk up the wooden stairs, arms full of necessities, your feet are heavy and sound tired as they echo through the quiet place. You find the hide-akey behind an unassuming piece of wood, thankfully.

You turn the key, the lock clicks and as the door creaks open a sliver of light attaches itself to your body. You put down your bags as you enter the front door and before you can even remove your coat, you are immediately drawn to the wall of light in the distance.

You approach gently, as if not to disturb it. You look out and at first your vision is filled with bright white reflection as your eyes adjust to the light on the water. Your eyes search for wildlife and then ultimately fall off in the far distance as they meet the curve of the horizon. You finally let that breath out and your shoulders drop.

You are home.

“The design of buildings in natural settings,
must be responsive to the earth out of which they
arise and the sky against which they are seen.”
– James Polshek

02 | Vision

Coast and beam architecture was established for the purpose of creating contemporary architecture that gives tangible and visible form to the spirit of what it means to be of the west coast.

Think of it as a backlash to the Hardie Board clad, toxin producing, ozone depleting, disposable and disconnected way of modern life. A return to nature as it were. An Architecture created from natural materials such as wood and light. A connection to nature created by blurring the lines between inside and out. Protective places of refuge with roofs having deep overhangs and wide, folding glass partitions beneath. And a natural habitat upon which we touch lightly, build respectfully and live, fully.

03 | The Architect

My name is Pamela Ubeda. I was born and raised here on the west coast and I know it like the back of my hand.

I know the weather, the seasons, the topography, the materials, the culture, the economy and the politics. I know the ocean and the forest, the rain and the light. I have seen the world and I fully understand and appreciate the unique beauty, magic and calm of the West Coast’s embrace; the lure of it’s ever-changing landscape.

I love Architecture and I love the West Coast. Where these two meet is where my passion truly lies.

04 | The Approach

I work like an artist. Individually, deeply and passionately.

My hand draws every drawing, I have no interns. I attend every meeting, I have no project manager. I send every email, I have no secretary. Being directly involved in every aspect of the project is important to me as I feel every nuance contributes to its quality and cohesiveness.

Rigour, the quality of being extremely thorough, is as inherent to my personality as is curiosity. I believe the two go hand in hand to create a rich and unified architectural composition. One of balance that reflects the values, ideals and nature of its inhabitants.

When you work with me, we will cultivate a close and professional relationship based on excellent communication, trust, authenticity, honesty, reliability and a few good laughs.

05 | The Practice

I am most passionate about architecture at the scale and scope of the individual: for a family, an artist, or a small business.

I love the intimacy and scale of the family home and cabin, gallery and cafe, studio and house in the trees. Places where people live and have their most fulfilling moments. Dinners with family, conversations with friends, fires with lovers and moments of creative pause. Instances in life which are heightened when connected to the surrounding beauty of the West Coast.

From this surrounding beauty is where I draw my inspiration. Sites situated in natural environments having a uniquely West Coast element to their setting; perched on a mountain, hidden in the trees, salt kissed by the ocean.

06 | Your Project

Architecture is not an isolated event. It is a collaborative process.

My role in this process is not only to create but also to lead. My leadership requires the ability to persuasively communicate the ideas, intentions and nuances of the project to building officials, consultants and contractors in order to retain the integrity of the project and execute the vision.

As an Architect, I have at my disposal a multitude of ways to communicate this vision. Along with the more traditional methods of communication I also use diagrams, sketches, drawings, and 3D models.

All of these methods come together to shape an Architecture which is harmonious in form, perfectly crafted for its inhabitants and intimately connected to the unique natural environment in which it is placed.

Creating this Architecture starts at the beginning. It starts when you feel the very first impulse of desire to create this kind of experience for yourself, your family, your life.

When you feel that spark, that is where Coast + Beam Architecture comes in.

“People who build their own home tend to be very courageous. These people are curious about life. They’re thinking about what it means to live in a house, rather than just buying a commodity and making it work.”
– Tom Kundig

07 | The Connection

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Pamela Úbeda   |   Architect.AIBC M.Arch BSc.

Phone: +1 (250) 889-7269

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